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Jill - Boyertown, PA

Thank you for such a simple, easy way to check my horse for worms. Simple collection, easy mail in sample, and fast, convenient email results. It's nice to know now I don't have to give my horse something every other month that she doesn't need.

Carol - Chester Springs, PA

Very fast and cost-effective service. I did not understand how to read the results, but when I called the 800 number, everyone I spoke with was very helpful. I was able to get a recommendation for which wormer to use on my horse. Very good first experience with Horsemen's Lab.

Chris - Florida

Love this service and the quick results thru email rather than waiting for the regular mail. Have been using Horsemen's Lab for several years and am very pleased at not having to worm my horses when not necessary. Thanks for the great service!

Val Cranor - Austin Texas

Extremely helpful to have this service! My horses share a paddock with 3 other geldings that are basically never wormed so this service gives me peace of mind and some semblance of control over worms.

Kimberly King - York, SC

Finally a no nonsense & no guessing way to approach worm control! Dr. Byrd I can't thank you enough for this service. A copy of test results allows me to keep true records! No more guessing & hoping at my horses expense!

Barbara Walker - San Francisco South Bay

A fast and efficient way to know what is going on with your horse's gut. Nice to know that he will be routinely checked ever three months and I can take action if need be. I highly recommend this service and find the pricing very reasonably for what one receives.

Jeanette Kuhn - NW Ohio

The kit was easy to use and the results being e-mailed as a .pdf file was very convenient. Also, I can rest comfortably knowing that the deworming program I have been using seems to be adequate for my horse so far. Thank you!

Linda Simonson - North Haven,Ct

As always, the kit makes this simple to do and the results come back quickly. I love that I don't have to deworm on a schedule but rather only when the test results come back positive. Saves me and my horse from the unpleasant task of deworming. Thanks Horsemen's Laboratory!

Charlotte McGaughey - Texas

Very easy directions. Sample collection easy also. Turn around time was great. I had no trouble reading the report that was emailed to me. I just purchased my horse in January. She was pastured with other horses but now is pastured alone. She was dewormed with Ivermectin in Dec. and the test was negative. This was very helpful for me to know what her future deworming needed to be.

Pat R - California

I have used Horsemen's Lab. for years. My horse has thrived by NOT being overmedicated or medicated by guess-work. I love the service that is provided by mail, the quick turn-around time by email, the break in the price, and the convenience. Plus Dr. Byrd is a very knowledgeable and nice man!

Deborah Reeder - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Byrd is amazing. He took the time to call me and give me advice on a question that involved issues not related to parasite control. I'm sold. These guys are the greatest!

Patti - New Hampshire

I've been using Horsemen's Laboratory for 3 years now and love it! Thank you so much for the affordable service and the quick turnaround on results!

Karen Euston

Thanks for such a great service, and for such Great Service! I like your new feature about emailing the results. Fast and helpful! I also appreciate how easy you make it to check our horses for worms.

Herman Kitchens - Hephzibah, Ga

My first time using horsemens laboratory, also. Now I probably won't be just arbotrarily worming my horses and hope it works. Fast turn around time too. Thanks so much. Wish I had heard about this sooner.

Dana - Pittstown, NJ

I have been using Horsemens Lab for a few years and I like the feeling of knowing that my worming process is working. You have been very responsive and make the process extremely easy and affordable.

Gail Traughber - Southern California

You have always done a great job. I give my horses 1/4 cup food-grade diatomaceous earth each day in their feed and by testing with you, I haven't had to chemically worm my horses for 3 years+. Thank you for enabling me not to give my horses poison for no reason!

Rebecca Jones - Marin County, CA

I was given a recommendation for Horsemen's Laboratory by a stablemate at the ranch where I board my QH gelding. I have been using the pyrantel p./ivermectin every-2-mos. routine for years, but have always wondered about the wisdom of dumping anthelmintics in the environment - not to mention in my horses's gut - when there was no clear indication that it was addressing any need. I'm very pleased to have a way to very quickly know if he needs a deworming or not and for which specific parasite. This is a great service!

Lori Kennedy - Joliet, IL

Fantastic service, thank you for being there! I recommend your service to everyone, as it was originally recommended to me, and a great recommendation it was. My horses are no longer needlessly bombarded with chemical deworming products.

Michele Kryszak - South East Wisconsin

WOW! I'm surprised at the results. Cody has a 100 count Pos Strongyles and Flash has a 1500 count. Didn't expect the results to be so different. Glad to have this information and I got the results quickly, thank you. Off to Farm & Fleet!

Joan Moore - Cannon Falls, MN

I now have peace of mind knowing my horsekeeping practices are paying off. Thank you for an awesome, affordable, prompt service. New system worked great! My horses thank you too God bless!

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