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Jill - Mundelein, IL

This was my first time using Horsemen's Lab. I was very impressed with the service. I liked the ease of use, quick turn around and the fact that the results were emailed to me.

Martha - Nokomis, Florida

My test kit arrived in shreds, thanks to the postal service. I was sent another immediately. The directions were easy to understand. My results came very quickly and the report was easy to read and understand.

Teresa - Childress, TX

Well, that was amazing. I mailed off on a Tuesday samples and by Thurs. afternoon had emailed results. No one does fecal counts in my local town so I have to make a real effort to remember to collect feces and take with me when I go out of town. This is way more convenient and just as inexpensive. Thank you!

Jess Ball - Cincinnati, OH

I'd rather spend $15 every 2 months to have my horse TESTED for worms rather than $15 to shove drugs in him he may or may not need! This service is fantastic - I take my sample and mail it off and usually have emailed results within 4-5 days!
Amazing, really appreciate everything!

Dana Landale - Utah

Your service is convenient, affordable and prompt. I don't have to keep track of when each horse needs a re-check; the sample kit just arrives in the mail. As a result of the (mostly negative) parasite exams, my horses are healthier and I save money on unneccesary de-wormers. I will continue to use Horsemen's Laboratory and would definitely recommend the service to anyone caring for equines.

Maureen Saraka - Middletown, CT

I would highly recommend this service. It is fast, inexpensive peace of mind! I submitted a question along with my order and received a prompt, thorough explanation as well as the reasoning for doing it the preferrred way. I cannot thank them enough!! Will definitely use them again and highly recommend to all my fellow horse owners. Quality product, great customer service at a reasonable price!!!

Hillary - Georgia

Thank you Horsemen's Laboratory! I have been using your services for over a year now and cannot say anything other than wonderful things about your turn around time, affordability and great customer service!

Nancy - Hill, NH

Continue to use this service. Results within 4-5 days. I also called the phone number and able to personally speak with someone, as well as when I left a message I was emailed promptly.

Brenda - Coarsegold, CA

It is so wonderful knowing that my horses do not need to be pasted very often by using this service. It is such a helpful service. Thank you,

Nancy Ambrosiano - Los Alamos, NM

The new speedy service is especially nice, thanks so much for providing this. I really appreciate being able to send off samples so easily and have fast results via email.

Ann - United States

I loved how easy, fast, and painless this whole process was. Turn around time was great! Unfortunately I couldn't read the complete results of my test as it got cut off in the pdf. I've sent an email asking for clarification. Hopefully I'll get a response. I also thought it would be nice to get some info pertaining to what should be done with the results. As a previous commenter stated, they received a result of less than 200 egg count…does that mean they should worm or not? At any rate, my vet charges $68 + the farm call fee to do this. This cost me $15! Can't beat the price AND the excellent service!

Terry Dubner - New Jersey

I cannot remember who introduced me to you and I cannot remember when I first started using your system to pre check my horses for worms. I do wonder if there could be a way to set up your website so we can see our history. When and what the results were and possibly a way for us to add what we did about it. What wormer or method we used to rid the worms for the next 3 week check. Just wondering….Terry Dubner

Terry Buckley - Massachusetts

Very happy with the ease of use for this service, and the prompt responses. The collection materials make everything very simple. Thank you.

Nancy Diepenbrock

How did I ever manage my horses deworming before Horsemen's Lab??? Not only the BEST way to care for my horses, but excellent, EXCELLENT service! So easy and efficient! Thank you!

Kathy Barnes - North Carolina

I am thrilled to discover such an easy, quick way to manage my horses' deworming. Much, much better than just cramming wormer down them and never knowing where they stood! Dr. Byrd is so helpful and willing to explain every aspect of the process. The newest method of getting my results lightning fast just can't be beat! Thank you so much, Dr. Byrd for providing this service! No more paying twice as much and driving an hour and a half and back to deliver samples to the vet's office! I cannot imagine how your service could be improved!

Lee Paolino - Barrington, IL

I sent my postage paid envelope with my horses stool sample on Tuesday and the results were posted on Friday. Fabulous turnaround. Last year I the vet at Horsemen's Laboratory returned my call and recommended what medicine was best for my horse - all for the cost of the kit $15. I will recommend and use this service for the long term.

Amber Mohr - Wichita, KS

I highly recomend Horsemen's Laboratory for doing fecal egg counts. Instead of treating all 7 of my horses, only 2 needed it. It's helpful to avoid loading horses with chemicals when possible and avoid a potential trigger for laminitis. This was a very time and cost effecient way to monitor your horses.

Kimberly King - York, SC

I have been using this service for some time & every aspect runs proficiently & professionally. I recommend horsemens lab to all horse owners..your horse deserves it!

Cassandra Carr - Mount Vernon, WA

It was great to receive the results so quickly, but I also could not read the full description for some of our results as the column is not big enough and the text doesn't wrap. You made the whole process very easy. We will definitely use this service again.

Sue Boblet - Poulsbo WA

Thank you so much for your super quick response. I had a question…1 horse was positive for strongyles (50 eggs/gram) Looks like I don't need to worm for this amount, correct? Thanks again. Super happy! Sue

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