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Tina Fabula - Fort Bragg, CA

I like the new PDF return results. The only thing I noticed is that the Description column is not big enough for the text in it. It breaks off after (no worm egg….). This is in Preview (Apple software) so maybe it shows up different in Acrobat.

Tina - Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

This was the first time I used Horsemens Lab. I received my results in less than a week. I printed my results easy. I have two horses…one was negative and the other one that I have only had for a few months is positive. I usually just blindly worm. Now it's great to know that isn't necessary.

Carol Zdan

This is great - So many people blindly worm the horses the same way regardless of the conditions the horse is exposed to - this may cost more than worming your horse but why use poison if you don't have to?

Rhonda Noel - Florida

The kit was very easy to use! The e-mailed results were fast and I had no problem opening it. I will continue to use Horseman's Laboratory for my horse!

Bonnie Stanton - Urbana, IL

I mailed the fecal samples late afternoon and received the results via email less than 24 hours later! We live close but that was impressive. So happy to have this service available and the accompanying peace of mind knowing it's the best for our horses. Thank you so much!

Janet Murray - Hampstead, NH

I am very happy to not have to just worm my horses and hope I hit the target. Also I know that worming without fecals we are making resistant strains of worms as we did with bacteria and overuse of antibiotics in both humans and animals. Also obviously better for the environment to reduce chemicals. Overall it costs me the same or less per year. I have three horse, two of which go to breed shows during the show season.

Mary Dukes - North Carolina

Love this service. I've been worming based on fecals for a while now, but this service is SO easy and I don't have to take the samples to my vet's office, saving me time and money. Best. Thing. Ever.

Phyllis Pillard - Pottstown, PA

I have been extremely happy with this service. I also like that I get people on the phone if I have a question.

Cathy White - Tehachapi, CA

I've been using Horsemen's Lab for years. Great customer service and invaluable feedback. The new testing system is SUPER fast for getting results too. Just what's needed when a new horse comes in under quarantine.

Fran Law - Tucson AZ

My horse shares a grass turn out with a few other horses. Not knowing the other horse owners husbandry I find it helpful to know my horse's worm load. Thank you for this service. Fran Law

Nancy Taylor - Austin, TX

Once again, Toby's results came in negative. YEA!!!! I so appreciate being able to test him instead of just randomly giving him wormer. I feel a sense of comfort and awareness in being able to have your service available. The results are quick, clear and concise. Thank you!!!

Carol Z - Winfield IL

I see so many people who have no idea what they are doing as far as de-worming their horse(s). De-worming is necessary because, in part, they do not do enough/ anything towards prevention. It is nice to know that my efforts towards keeping them in a good, clean environment means I don't have to give them POISON.

Sharon Fells - Sacramento, CA

I received the results within 3 days of sending in. I love the turn around time!! Thank you

Christine Jones - Canastota NY

I have used horseman's lab for several years now and I've always gotten excellent service and prices. I won't use anyone else! Thank you John Bird for your expertise

Jeannie wright - Ringwood IL

So easy!! Efficient and quick also. I will be using this method again and tell all my clients!!!

Chloe Simon - Cadbury Farm, Carnation, WA

Great! Thanks.

Diane Baker - Moorestown, NJ

I sent the samplesout on 12/23 thinking it would probably get held up with the holiday rush. I was pleasantly surprised to get the results today, 12/28! Well done! Thank you for a great service!

Eileen Tidwell - Texas

I'm happy to have found your service. The results came back surprisingly fast. This is an economical way to know what's going on with my horses parasite conditions. I'll be using you again!

LuAnn De Young

I am very happy with the prompt response I received via email when I requested information on what tests were available from Horseman's Lab. The results of the test on my horse came back quickly. I plan on using Horseman's Laboratory again. I am pleased with the customer service which you don't find anymore. Thank you

Susan - Pearland Texas

This was my first experience testing my horses. It was easy and quick results. All were negative so I'm reassured that my deworming program is working.

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