Month: October 2018

Horsemen’s Laboratory Clients That Make a Difference ~

By Nikki Alvin-Smith   Case Study: EAGALA Team Rene Stone and Her 29 Year Old Horse Tristan Help PTSD Sufferers   When Rene Stone was 30 she bought her first horse, the now 29 year-old Thoroughbred Tristan. While his body was broken, his spirit was bright and Rene Stone took a chance on him because… Read more »

Yikes! My Horse Has No Tail! Are Pinworms The Culprit?

By Nikki Alvin-Smith   This Summer I was aghast to discover one of my broodmares had rubbed her tail into a matted mess of hairs. She had been in her stall just a few hours, enjoying a respite from the heat of the sun. When I had brought her in from the pasture her tail… Read more »

Why Horse Worm Control Maximizes My Horses’ Health

Nikki Alvin-Smith   As an advanced equestrian competitor with a keen eye on the blue ribbon (or red, white and blue) and my quest to ensure all my horses and those of my students reach their full potential, I love to take control of as many aspects of their health care as possible. The constant… Read more »