Month: February 2018

EquiSal: Tapeworm Test for Horses

Horsemen’s Laboratory is sorry to announce that the EquiSal test is no longer available in the United States. Unfortunately due to unforeseen ongoing issues with customs and excise, EquiSal Tapeworm is currently not being sold into the United States. We are investigating alternative ways to bring tapeworm testing to the United States in the near… Read more »

Does Sending Samples through the Mail Affect Fecal Egg Count Accuracy?

By John Byrd, DVM When I started Horsemen’s Laboratory, over 25 years ago, I asked the same question and searched for a container that would preserve the sample and the eggs and be suitable for shipping. Along the way, I spoke to several experts in the field of equine parasitology and they agreed that our… Read more »