EquiSal: Tapeworm Test for Horses

Horsemen’s Laboratory is sorry to announce that the EquiSal test is no longer available in the United States. Unfortunately due to unforeseen ongoing issues with customs and excise, EquiSal Tapeworm is currently not being sold into the United States. We are investigating alternative ways to bring tapeworm testing to the United States in the near future. Please contact us at hlab@horsemenslab.com if you have any questions.

Many of Horsemen’s Laboratory’s clients have asked why we do not just run the test ourselves. The reason is very simple, the equipment to run the test is very expensive and we would have to hire highly trained personnel to run the test. Since, there are currently laboratories in the United States that already have the equipment and personnel to run the test, we hope that a lab will decide to use the EquiSal antigen to perform the test in the very near future. As soon as someone makes that decision we hope to be involved in supplying the tests again.

Horsemen’s Laboratory will post updates on our Facebook page and website when the test is available.