Month: May 2017

Why should horse owners have fecal egg counts performed on their horses?

To help slow resistance development of dewormers. To determine how effective their horses’ worm control program is working. To determine what worms are active in their horses’ environment. To determine which deworming medications work best for their horses, To determine which horses are low, medium and high contaminators (shedders of eggs) of their pastures. To… Read more »

Why should you do Fecal Egg Counts on your Horse?

By John Byrd, DVM How do you know my horse has worms?  How do you know you got rid of the worms my horse had?  These two questions were commonly asked when I dewormed horses as a general equine veterinarian.  My standard response was that the drug companies tell us they work.  When the daily dewormers came… Read more »