Tapeworm Test Kit

Price: $60.00

Price includes the postage both ways, collection kit, processing sample, and email results if no email address results will be sent through USPS.

Test Kit Pricing & Info:

  • Buy 1 Kit: $60
  • The Tapeworm test includes the test for Tapeworms as well as the Fecal Egg Count test (McMasters test).
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We supply everything you need to prepare your sample, including a pre-paid mailing label with tracking information to place on the box to mail the sample back to our lab for testing. Please note that the box the samples arrive in will be the same box you will use to return the samples in. This test includes both the tapeworm test as well as the fecal egg count test so please only send the large container back. There is a $6 fee per kit for replacements if lost, misplaced or destroyed.