Consultation Service

Price: $30.00$100.00

Schedule a personal one-on-one consultation with Dr. Byrd via phone.

Consultations will by phone personally with John W. Byrd, DVM.
The reason the consultations are over the phone is because Dr. Byrd feels it is important to get answers to several question so he can answer all your question and make the best Recommendations.

Consultation Plan Pricing:

  • Plan 1: $30/year 1-3 horses*
  • Plan 2: $50/year 3-10 horses*
  • Plan 3: $75/year 10-50 horses*
  • Plan 4: $100/year 50+ horses*
*(registered with Horsemen’s Laboratory)
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Personal one-on-one consultation services with Dr. Byrd via the phone.

John W. Byrd, DVM offers phone consultations for clients of Horsemen’s Laboratory for a reasonable fee. Dr. Byrd prefers doing consultations by phone because it’s important to thoroughly discuss the horse’s history, care, and environment in order for him to make the best recommendation for proper worm control for your horse.