Month: January 2018

Why We Recommend Checking Each Horse in the Pasture

By John Byrd, DVM The best part of owning Horsemen’s Laboratory is getting to meet people who share my love of horses and have an interest in their health and welfare. Rene Stone, the Founder of Serenity Stables, is one of those people; she has been a loyal client for many years and has over… Read more »

Does Sending Samples through the Mail Affect Fecal Egg Count Accuracy?

By John Byrd, DVM Horsemen’s Laboratory often gets this question and we have determined that exposure to oxygen is the main factor. If samples are packed firmly so that the eggs are exposed to very little oxygen then they are fine. Eggs need oxygen for the larvae to develop and hatch, once the eggs hatch… Read more »

FREE Consultation for a Year!!!

FREE * FREE * FREE 1 years consultation concerning your horses’ worm control program ($100 value) with the purchase of 10 or more fecal egg counts at 1 time.

The Other End of the Spectrum

In September 2017, I wrote an article about Herz a horse owned by Ginger Krantz that over the years had very few positive fecal egg counts even though the owner had only dewormed him 9 times in 24 years.  Today I would like to compare Herz’s results with another horse, Tristan, who is owned by… Read more »